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Get to know THE MMA gym in The Hague

KO Fighting Fitness – an amateur and professional MMA gym in The Hague, Netherlands

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is the fastest growing sport in the world. KO being a certified centre under IMMAF creates the opportunity for all amateur athletes to perform on an International amateur platform offering a future to all athletes requiring the building blocks to a professional career. 

Professional promotions Brave, UFC, Bellator, EFC, Aries but to name a few, is the future of all Professional competitors……

MMA is seen on television worldwide, live streaming and pay per view.

MMA professional Conor McGregor is only one but to name a few Professional MMA fighters that has set the standard for MMA fighting.

MMA in The Hague and our unique method of training

MMA is an emerging sport that turn athletes into stars.

What exactly does the sport entail and where do you start if you want to train and participate in the sport? KO Fighting Fitness can help you.

MMA is a combination of different martial arts disciplines, ie
– Wrestling
– Muay Thai
– Kickboxing
– Judo
– Boxing
– Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
– Grappling
…… And more

Mixed Martial Arts is a multidisciplinary martial art, as the sport focuses on combining techniques from the different martial art disciplines in order to offer an athlete an allround package. This results in a versatile combat sport.

As Rodney would say, practise kickboxing and you will win a kickboxing match, practise boxing and you will win a boxing match, BUT practise MMA and you will win a fight!

Experience MMA in its finest form in The Netherlands at KO Fighting Fitness.

In addition to MMA, we further offer individual classes in martial art disciplines. For example, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, kickboxing and boxing lessons. In short, a variety of all martial arts!