MMA kids

MMA for children in The Hague
  • Accessible to everyone
  • IMMAF certified trainer
  • Challenging lessons
  • Possibility to take a trial lesson

MMA for children in The Hague

MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) for children have specifically been included in our curriculum to introduce young kids to the sport. An educational MMA program for kids were developed with safety in mind. kids are taught from an early age how to respect the unified rules set to ensure they do not develop bad habits that later need to be rectified. A similar rule set apply to adult MMA.

During our MMA kids classes, we teach our kids a combination of kickboxing, boxing, Brazilian jiu jitsu and striking for MMA. The development of motor skills are of utmost importance and we therefor concentrate on using different methods to do so. MMA not only gives children self-confidence, it further contributes in teaching them respect towards each other, instills discipline and is a great method to reduce screen time or introduce them to our amateur platform where screen time will be educational and help improve their sport.

As a result, our professionalism and expertise provides for an educational yet fun experience, teaching a skillset that will improve and change life’s, method of thinking, execution of activity and resolution of difficulties in future life events.  

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Why choose KO FIGHTING FITNESS as the MMA gym in The Hague for your child?

In the field of martial arts there are many providers in The Hague, but none like KO FIGHTING FITNESS. Not only do we have a beautiful gym, we also have a unique outdoor area in the dunes where we have the opportunity to train outside in the summer!

In addition, we not only have knowledge of martial arts in general, we have a real IMMAF Certified Coach. Our certified coach, Rodney van der Vlugt, has a brown belt in the MMA sport and therefore has all the knowledge to teach you this martial art from A to Z. For both young and old he always knows how to create a very fun and challenging lesson adapted to the level of the target group.

The benefits of MMA for children

The MMA sport has many advantages, most of which we have already briefly explained, but to clarify what this sport contributes, we list all the advantages:

  • MMA contributes to motor skills
  • Teaches children to work together during lessons
  • Contributes to increasing self-confidence
  • The sport is accessible to everyone

In addition to MMA for children, we also have kickboxing lessons for children and boxing lessons for children. As adults, have you become enthusiastic about sports at KO FIGHTING FITNESS? Then you come too! Everyone is welcome in our gym!