Corporate fitness

Discover the benefits of Corporate Fitness for employers and employees
  • Accessible to everyone
  • Certified personal trainers
  • Challenging lessons
  • Possibility to take a trial lesson

Corporate fitness Den Haag

At our martial arts and fitness gym you can use our company fitness scheme. This means a nice discount on the sports membership, if you can sign up for the National Company Fitness Plan through your employer.

The discount on the current sports subscription at KO FIGHTING FITNESS / Sportschool Ockenburgh can amount to an average of 50% tax discount.

Discover the benefits of Corporate Fitness for employers and employees.

For employers:

Are you an employer and do you want to offer your employees a healthy addition to the fringe benefit? Then look at Bedrijfsfitness Nederland for employers.

This offers your employees the opportunity to become fit and vital. This boost in resistance naturally improves an employee’s health and overall well-being.
The aforementioned benefits lead to lower absenteeism due to illness and improved productivity and social interaction in the workplace.

As an employer, you also have an extra option to offer an extra discount, tax-free, via the WKR scheme, for employees within the company who make use of the scheme.

For employees:

Also take a look at the website of Bedrijfsfitness Nederland Employees for more information about the possibilities and the possible discount you can receive on your membership.

If you participate in a company fitness plan, your subscription will be deducted from the gross salary. For example, you can exercise with an average of 40% to 50% discount.


  • Check whether your employer is affiliated with the National Company Fitness Plan. would you like to inform your employer or HR manager about this possibility? Then tip your employer
  • Is your employer affiliated? Request an access code from the administrator of the Bedrijfsfitness Nederland portal and log in via the employee login on the website.
  • Follow the step-by-step plan for registration on the website. We receive your data via our company fitness portal.
  • Finally, you can sign the new sports membership at our sports location and enjoy sports with a discount.

Why corporate fitness?

How does it work? Watch the video about the National Corporate Fitness Plan below:

Do you also want to feel fit and more vital and work towards optimal health for a nice rate per month? Then take advantage of this opportunity.

We are ready to provide you with more information about the possibilities and are happy to answer your questions about our gym. Please feel free to contact us.