Brazilian jiu jitsu kids

Especially for kids - Brazilian jiu jitsu (bjj kids)
  • Accessible to everyone
  • Carlson Gracie certified
  • Challenging lessons
  • Possibility to take a trial lesson

Especially for kids - Brazilian jiu jitsu (bjj kids)

Are you looking for self-defense sports for your children? Then Brazilian jiu jitsu might be the sport you are looking for! At KO FIGHTING FITNESS we have also included Brazilian jiu jitsu especially for children.

This sport appeals to the motor skills, mentality and social capacity of children. Not only do they learn skills that are important during class, but these skills are certainly useful outside the gym!

Now you may think that this sport is only aimed at self-defense? But above all, make sure that children have a lot of fun during the lessons! Children can fully enjoy themselves during Brazilian jiu jitsu lessons without hurting each other.

Would you like to let your child (ren) experience this cool sport? Just request a trial lesson!

Meet Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (bjj) for children in The Hague

For many, Brazilian jiu jitsu is already a well-known sport for children, but the threshold may seem a bit too high. We would very much like to change this and that is why we have included lessons especially for children in our range of lessons.

Our experienced Brazilian jiu jitsu trainer knows all the tricks of this wonderful sport and can introduce your children to this sport in an accessible way.

Perhaps you are looking for a little more variation and that is exactly what we want to distinguish ourselves with. At KO FIGHTING FITNESS you can not only participate in Brazilian jiu jitsu for kids, but we have also included kickboxing lessons for children and boxing lessons for children in our range of lessons!

Take a look at our full range of martial arts and there may be a lesson for you too!