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Request a trial lesson Martial arts for everyone. With our variety of classes, you have the option to join no matter what level your performance. Experience the unique combination of martial arts and fitness at KO FIGHTING FITNESS!
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Have you always wanted to practice Mixed Martial Arts and are you looking for a Martial Arts school that can provide you with a variety of Martial Art disciplines… then you have found your fitness family.

Whether you are at novice or advanced level, we have a Martial Arts variety to suit everyone. Do you want to challenge yourself, then you have found your gym – KO Fighting Fitness! At KO we are a family who strive for health, happiness and perfection, a better version of you. Be part of our community, our KO family!

Our lessons

Not only are we specialists in the field of MMA and Kickboxing, but we also offer you the opportunity to use our fitness equipment.
About KO Fighting Fitness

What makes us the best gym in The Hague?

KO Fighting Fitness is a world renowned household name in Mixed Martial Arts and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. KO Fighting Fitness is not only an IMMAF certified training center for amateur Mixed Martial Arts, but also a Carlson Gracie / Marcus Soares Brazilian Jiu Jitsu certified training center. 

Our contribution to MMA and BJJ are clearly portrayed through our knowledge and loyalty to the development of Martial Arts, our students and the introduction to the fastest growing sport in the world has been accomplished in just over 2 years at our new facility in the Netherlands. A slow progressing process in the Netherlands for the past 11 years now becoming a clear reality.

Curious who our trainers are?

Different martial arts styles

MMA, Kickboxing, Sparring for MMA, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Grappling and more!

Professional instructors

IMMAF certified – Carlson Gracie / Marcus Soares Certified – Fitness and Nutrition Certified

High quality lessons

All our classes are prepared by specialized instructors


What people think of KO FIGHTING FITNESS
  • I have been a member of KO FIGHTING FITNESS for some time now. What I like about this gym is the personal approach of the trainers. Where other gyms sometimes have a very large number of members, you really notice the very personal attention that the trainers have for their members. Great!

    Johan Korte - The Hague
  • I have already been a member at many gyms for fitness and kickboxing, but what makes it so much fun here is the versatile range of different group lessons and the outdoor area where you can train in the sun in the summer. Really a super fun and accessible gym for every level!

    Jet Lange - Kijkduin
  • KO isn’t just any gym, I feel like I’m part of a family. The attention to detail is amazing during each lesson. My daughter is so comfortable with both BJJ and MMA. The other children in the school show respect and are always friendly and helpful. I especially enjoy the ladies only classes and my husband thinks Jiu Jitsu is the next level. I would definitely recommend the school to anyone looking to learn a skill that will last a lifetime!

  • Super experienced and good instructors and very nice intensive lessons!

    Rick But
  • Super friendly people, excellent teachers and very accessible for beginners, highly recommended!

  • What a great gym! Are you looking for a gym where you want to grow in martial arts mma / bjj. Then this is the gym to train!

  • Nice gym with a very wide range of classes.

  • My son and I both train here. Lovely gym and family atmosphere, can only recommend 🙂


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