Kickboxing in The Hague for beginners and advanced!
  • Accessible to everyone
  • Certified trainer
  • Challenging lessons
  • Possibility to take a trial lesson

Kickboxing in The Hague for beginners and advanced!

Do you want to get fitter, work on your fitness and achieve your personal goals in a challenging way? Then come kickboxing at KO Fighting Fitness! With our challenging kickboxing lessons, we welcome everyone to our versatile (fighting) gym. Our gym has a very open atmosphere where we motivate each other with mutual respect.

Kickboxing has become increasingly popular in the Netherlands in recent years and our country is therefore currently seen as one of the world’s most important breeding grounds for kickboxing.

What was previously mainly seen as a real male sport has grown into a popular combat sport among both men and women.

The benefits of Kickboxing

Kickboxing offers many advantages, so you work on your fitness, coordination, resilience and strength during training. In addition, this beautiful combat sport ensures that you can achieve your personal goals regardless of your level.

Both hands and legs are used in the practice of kickboxing. The focus is on using technique, responsiveness and flexibility in which all muscle groups are intensively trained. This way you not only build extra muscle mass, but you also burn a lot of calories. Because this sport contributes to strengthening your body, this can have a positive effect on your mindset.

Why kickboxing at the kickboxing school in The Hague?

Our kickboxing lessons are taught by highly experienced trainers who have all the necessary knowledge of the correct techniques. Because of their motivational mentality, they offer you everything you need to grow in the field of kickboxing.

Both beginners and advanced are welcome in our gym and we offer classes at different levels. As a result, you almost always have equal sparring partners and you get the personal attention you need during the lessons.

Curious about our kickboxing lessons? Request a trial lesson and experience kickboxing at the kickboxing school in The Hague!