Boxing for children

Learning boxing for children in The Hague
  • Accessible to everyone
  • Certified trainer
  • Challenging lessons
  • Possibility to take a trial lesson
Currently we do not offer boxing lessons.

Boxing classes for children in The Hague

Not only for kickboxing but also for boxing for children in The Hague you have come to the right place at KO Fighting fitness! Our boxing lessons for children are very accessible for all levels. During the lessons, children learn all the tricks of boxing in a playful way.

Boxing is not only great fun, it is also very healthy! Boxing is a very active sport where the intensity of a training is high, this ensures that children can lose their energy in a very positive way and also work on a healthy lifestyle.

Have you already become enthusiastic and do you think that boxing is something for your child? Our trainers are ready to receive your child(ren) in our beautiful martial arts school in The Hague. Request a trial lesson and let your child experience boxing!

Boxing for kids - enjoy the benefits of this wonderful combat sport!

Boxing therefore contributes to the health of your child(ren). All our lessons are taught by professional and motivated boxing trainers in The Hague. The lessons are open to everyone regardless of level. Because we receive everyone in an open atmosphere where we find a personal approach extremely important, we make boxing accessible to everyone.

During boxing lessons, children learn to get acquainted with the sport of boxing in an accessible way. The children develop during boxing both mentally and physically. In short, many advantages that we would like to list for you!

  • Children gain confidence from boxing
  • Group boxing makes it easy for children to make contact with others
  • During the lessons, the ideal is to lose your energy for a while
  • Both mentally and physically children develop at a rapid pace through boxing

What are you waiting for? And let your child take a look at our gym. Everybody is welcome!