Bootcamp The Hague / Kijkduin - you can train outside!
  • Accessible to everyone
  • Certified personal trainers
  • Challenging lessons
  • Possibility to take a trial lesson

Bootcamp The Hague / Kijkduin - you can train outside!

At KO FIGHTING FITNESS we have the unique opportunity to give boot camp lessons in the beautiful nearby nature of the beach area in Kijkduin.

Our boot camp classes are taught by professional instructors where we put together a wide variety of challenging exercises for you to always provide you with varied classes!

Do you prefer to train in a group outdoors with which you work on achieving your personal goals in a challenging environment? Then our outdoor training is really something for you!

Not only will you receive personal guidance for the optimal execution of your workout, but our experienced boot camp trainers will always keep motivating you! Do you just want to experience what it is like to train at KO FIGHTING FITNESS? Then request a trial lesson!

Boot camp classes - experience the benefits of outdoor sports

As mentioned earlier, we offer varied boot camp lessons because we can use, among other things, the resources from nature. For example, we can use the stairs on the beach, but also the hilly terrain of the dunes.

To show what boot camp can do for you and what benefits outdoor sports has, we would like to list them for you:

Exercising in the open air gives you the necessary relaxation