Boxing for women

Boxing for women in The Hague - Fitter and more confident
  • Accessible to everyone
  • IMMAF certified trainer
  • Challenging lessons
  • Possibility to take a trial lesson

Currently we do not offer boxing lessons.

Boxing for women in The Hague - Fitter and more confident

At KO FIGHTING FITNESS we also offer boxing lessons especially for women. Where boxing was previously seen as a real men’s sport, it is now also a sport that is fully on the rise among women. With us we offer women the opportunity to go boxing together, just like Kickboxing for women.

The popularity of boxing is therefore also increasing among women. The main reason why the popularity of boxing is increasing is the positive effects that this sport has on health. Boxing is much more than just a brute force sport.

Have you always wanted to boxing once but just want to experience it first? No problem! Request a trial lesson and experience our boxing lessons especially for women. Our experienced boxing trainers are ready for you every lesson to motivate you and make you feel at home in our lessons at your own level.

Why boxing in The Hague for women?

Our boxing classes for women are focused on fun and intensity. You are not obliged to spar, but you can also devote yourself completely to the punching bag. During the lessons you train together with other women and you receive personal guidance from our motivated trainers. Our lessons are accessible to everyone, regardless of your level.

Boxing is not only great fun but also contributes to weight loss. Because the lessons have a high intensity, many calories are burned. Would you like to get the right weight and stay there? Then boxing is really something for you!

In short, boxing for women has quite a few advantages! But there are more:

  • Boxing is good for increasing your self-confidence
  • Boxing gives you more energy
  • Boxing together with other women makes you mentally stronger and contributes to your social skills

In other words, what are you waiting for? Just come and have a look at KO FIGHTING FITNESS!