Kickboxing Kids

Fun & Challenging Lessons
Kickboxing for kids
  • Accessible to everyone
  • IMMAF certified trainer
  • Challenging lessons
  • Possibility to take a trial lesson

Kickboxing for Kids - Fun & Challenging Lessons

Especially for children we have included challenging and fun kickboxing lessons in our range of lessons. During the lessons your child can get rid of his energy in a very healthy way and at the same time learns to be more resilient and disciplined.

Of course the most important thing is that children have fun in this great sport and we certainly emphasize that. With us it does not matter what level your child has, everyone is welcome! Is the child a beginning kickboxer? Then we give him extra attention to obtaining the right technique and training.

The great thing about kickboxing lessons for kids is the way they learn to interact with each other in a respectful way. Does this seem to you also something for your children? Just come and have a look at a kickboxing training and request a trial lesson.

Kickboxing for children in The Hague, we are the martial arts school you are looking for!

Our kickboxing lessons for children therefore contribute to the development of your child. In addition, it naturally contributes to increasing the condition and children can become more self-confident. In short, enough reasons to give kickboxing a try!

Not only for the young target group, but also for teenagers we have enough offer. Even if you have a need for competitive boxing, we can fully tailor your training to your personal goals. Kickboxing for teenagers still revolves around the same values ​​as for young children, but for those who need it, the training sessions can also be made a bit more competition-oriented. However, this does not mean that once a child gets older it should train to fight in a ring.

With us, fun and treating each other with respect is always paramount! Are you planning to come and train but do you want to experience the lesson first? Then just request a trial lesson.

At KO Fighting Fitness we not only focus on kickboxing, but we also have special MMA children’s lessons and boxing for children, for example.