Meet the boxing gym in The Hague
  • Accessible to everyone
  • Certified trainer
  • Challenging lessons
  • Possibility to take a trial lesson
Currently we do not offer boxing lessons.

Of course you do boxing in The Hague at KO Fighting Fitness

At KO Fighting Fitness you will be taught by highly experienced and enthusiastic boxing trainers. Our trainers in The Hague challenge you to get the best out of yourself. In short, for boxing in The Hague you have to go to KO Fighting Fitness!

During our boxing lessons you train your reaction speed, stamina, strength and mental resilience. By means of this combination you ensure that you develop the fitness of your body and mind.

Would you like to box at a boxing gym where you are taught by experienced and qualified boxing trainers? Then take a trial lesson and experience boxing at KO Fighting Fitness.

Our boxing lessons in The Hague are accessible to everyone!

At KO Fighting Fitness it does not matter whether you are already very experienced or have never boxed. Boxing in a sport for everyone regardless of your age or experience. For example, we not only offer lessons for adults, but even the little ones are welcome in our kids boxing lessons!

Novice boxers can easily be helped by one of our boxing trainers. Appropriate structure is important during these lessons. Our boxing trainers ensure that every training is safe and fun.

In addition to novice boxers, there are of course also experienced boxers who we are happy to provide with all the necessary knowledge and experience to offer intensive and technical boxing lessons.

The benefits of boxing training in The Hague for your goal

Boxing is a sport where you are constantly on the move. Not only do you constantly avoid and defend, you also keep moving so that the fat burning is high. In addition, boxing contributes to the development of the condition.

In short, boxing has several advantages. We would like to list the benefits for you:

  • Strengthening the whole body on strength and coordination level.
  • Burns a lot of calories during boxing, gets a toned figure and retains muscles that provide extra fat burning at rest.
  • More energy through a stimulus in the blood circulation and more oxygen to the brain.
  • You train socially in a sports group, it is good for your self-confidence and you learn to explore your limits.
  • Boxing gives you control over your body and you learn to defend yourself properly.

Experience boxing in The Hague

In order to let you as a future boxer first experience our lessons, we offer you the opportunity to participate in a trial lesson. So you can just train with us and see if boxing at KO Fighting Fitness is something for you.

Prefer kickboxing or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu? That is also possible at our gym. We are the specialist in the field of martial arts where you will always be trained by experienced and qualified instructors.